ings to Look for While Buying Exquisite Indian Sarees

Women all around the globe have a special love for sarees. Saree is not just an outfit but a beautification that gives extreme glamour and refinement to the wearer. There are many formal dresses for women, but saree is the most favored attire of women, particularly in India since its nascent days. It is a signifier of their tradition and culture. A six-yard fabric that is draped in style over the body gives an elegant look to the ladies donning it. Other formal dresses for women include Shalwar Kameez and Churidaar. Of all the formal dresses for women, sarees have spent the longest time inside wardrobes. The dazzling and splendid designs of the Indian Sarees are hard to overlook, and the rich culture is irrefutable. After all, Sarees have made their way from India to all across the world.


The plus point of saree is that it is all-purpose – bridal wear, party, wears casual wear and so forth. With rapidly changing fashion and culture, news designs have been introduced in bulk. The different states of India have their own culture and arrangement of folding a saree. Some popular styles go by the name of Kanjeevaram, Paithani, Banarsi Silk, Phulkari, Jamawar and many more. You must have got excited to buy one immediately. Hold up! Choosing a saree that suits you best requires taking some factors into consideration before you give away the money. Getting your basics right will help you minimize the chances of buying a saree that does not fit you best. Also, it will save you from the hassle of making your money and time go in vain.


Here is the glossary of all the essentials that ensure you buy the right saree for yourself.  


Let us give you a quick rundown.

·        Keep in mind the right occasion

 You should know the occasion you intend to wear a saree on and then buy it according to the determinants. Without knowing the event, you might end up buying the one that appears striking but looks mundane when you wear it. If it is a daytime event, light-colored saree will do best for you. Whereas, dark colors look best when worn at night events. Concurrently, check if the color suits your skin tone.


·        Right Fabric

The second important thing you should not forget looking at is the fabric of the saree that looks apt for your event. A saree that looks perfect for your occasion might not be easy-going for your skin to carry it for several hours. Fabric plays a pivotal role in bringing the saree to life. Hold the fabric and touch it. It should give you a comfortable feel. Also, take a look to decide whether the fabric that soothes your skin will be appropriate for the climatic conditions. You can ask the shopkeeper to tell you what fabric compliments you more. Fashion is more about comfort than style beyond everything.   


·        Understand your body

Do not pick up a saree just because the color and style interest you or you saw your favorite actress wearing it. This is not a good way to go about it. The better approach would be to know your body. It is up to you whether you want to reveal your waist and curves. If you have a flabby body, it will not be a good idea to opt for a saree that reveals your body. You can choose a transparent net saree if your body is slim and well-toned.


·        Color

Always check the color in daylight. Many times, the shade looks different from what it appears in the store. Not all colors you wear look amazing on you. There will be a few that get you compliments. So choose one that you feel confident in carrying. Spend time and select color that goes well with your skin tone, climatic conditions, and the occasion you are buying it for.


·        Style

Apart from a variety of fabrics that sarees come in, there are many styles too. Style should be your concern. You should choose the style that fits well on your body. It depends upon the size and shape of your body. Some sarees showcase your figure while others are solely meant for formal events. Therefore, inspect carefully. If you are petite, you should lookout for a saree that focuses on your curves. It will help you attain a more striking look. You can also go through the catalog to find the right one.


·        Design

Sarees come in a wide selection of designs. Some have intricate designs, whereas others would be plain and simple. You need to decide what goes perfect with your taste, personality, and preference. If however, you do not like any design at your disposal, you can always make a customized saree. Exclusivity, immaculate tailoring, and size will rest assured. Make sure you go to a shop that has a wide variety of designs, colors, and styles to help you choose quickly and effectively.


·        Bring about new draping ideas

Try wearing the saree differently. Search videos to extract new ideas on how to drape it in an interesting style. You can wear it with some jacket or a waistcoat to intensify the outlook. A new addition to your blouse or drape will renew your saree and make it more appealing.


·        Pay attention to your blouse

Your blouse is your hero. A saree is nothing without a lovely blouse to increase the glam. A good contrast blouse does wonders to your saree and makes you stand out. If the saree is plain, combine it with a complex-printed blouse. Likewise, in case of a heavy saree, wear with it a blouse that connects the heavy work on your saree, along with sequin work or embroidery. To give a modern touch, you can add a crop top to your blouse.


You now have enough guidelines to buy the best saree for yourself. Do try one and flaunt on a special occasion with your favorite style of saree. Let people say you are dressed to kill!